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A highly respected art director and designer in Edmonton’s advertising and communications industry for over 15 years, Gillian Harvey has a beautiful compulsion to take what is complex and make it simple. And as an instructor in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta since 2004, she’s been passing this passion on, helping to shape the minds and design aesthetic of future generations of designers. Gillian has also been a partner at Part Deux Creative since 2013.

Committed to helping humans connect the dots

Not surprisingly, her philosophy and approach to developing communications is straightforward, logical bulletproof – ask a lot of questions, understand every detail and then begin to strip away layers until you’re left with simplicity and undeniable clarity. Over the years, Gillian has crafted communications tools – from quarterly newsletters and annual reports to exhibit graphics and complete branding campaigns – for a very diverse set of private and public sector clients.

Accomplishments, accolades and awards

Gillian has earned a Bachelor’s of Design Degree from the University of Alberta and a Master’s Degree in Information Design from the University of Reading in Reading, UK. She is also a professional member of International Institute of Information Design (IIID), the Communication Research Institute and the Graphic Designers of Canada, Alberta North Chapter. She is also the president of the Edmonton Wayfinding Society in Edmonton, Alberta and an IIID World Region Representative.

Over the years, Gillian’s work has been recognized with dozen regional, national, and international awards, and she is a published writer in the IIID’s Journal of Information Design.

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